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2/7 - Not too much new here apart from some site maintenance, but Station V3 has been updating again since December!
12/31 - And here's an update for 2017! (And here and here and here!)
12/31 - And now a four update day for 2016! See also: Z7, Ebb's Children, and Whatever Became of Station V3?
12/31 - A four update day! See also: Z7, Ebb's Children, and Whatever Became of Station V3?
9/6 - After you're done reading today's strip (it updated!), check out Station V3 for a view of the outside of Q16! (Not this one.)
12/31 - A few more updates for 2014 today! And make sure you also check Station V3, Z7, and Ebb's Children.
11/13 - I've made changes to the way the archive is set up. If anything looks broken, let me know!
5/6 - Station V3 is 10 years old today!
4/27 - Silence in the Darkness on Q16 turned 6 earlier this month! (Not bad for an April Fool's Day joke?) Also, Z7 turned 9, and next month Station V3 turns 10!
12/29 - Another four update day!
12/25 - First four update day in a while - see also Station V3, Z7, and Ebb's Children. Merry Christmas!
4/14 - Silence in the Darkness on Q16 is 5 years old this month! (And Z7 is 8!)
10/29 - Another four update day! See also: Station V3, Z7, and Ebb's Children!
5/7 - Station V3 has turned 8 years old!
4/10 - Do you know what Q16 did earlier this month? It stayed dark! (And also turned four!)
9/7 - All four comics in the Station V3 universe have new strips today!
7/7 - There's a guest strip I drew up at One Small Step today!
5/6 - See Station V3 (which turns 7 today!) for an example of how well a plant can cheer up a space station. In other (slightly late) webcomic news, Silence in the Darkness on Q16 turned 3 last month, and Z7 turned 6!
1/1 - Happy New Year!
12/27 - Strip #1000 today!
12/12 - Lots of new strips in the Station V3 universe today - including this one (of course), Z7, and Ebb's Children!
4/30 - Silence in the Darkness on Q16 turned 2 years old earlier this month - and Z7 turned 5!
1/1 - Happy New Year!
10/27 - Site redesign! Let me know if anything looks wrong.
8/13 - Strip #500 today!
4/1 - One year, and still dark!
1/3 - Things are looking a little dark over at Fit and the Conniptions!
1/1 - Happy New Year!
12/13 - Looks like a lot of new visitors have stopped by the past few days! Some of you are coming in through StumbleUpon, and some of you from various German web sites, especially this one (it IS interesting what you can find online, isn't it?) - Welcome to all of you, and I hope you enjoy reading the comic!

Also, I've updated the site a little bit, adding an "About the Comic" page, a links page, and a permanent link to the forum.

12/9 - Some news from Q16's parent comic... The first Station V3 book, An Experimental Space Pod Visits Station V3!, is now available at lulu.com!
11/9 - Strip #222 today - and to mark the occasion, silence and darkness!
9/25 - Today's strip is Q16's first guest strip - thanks to my sister Elizabeth! This is the sort of thing she was expecting on Talk Like A Pirate Day last week.
9/19 - It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!
9/15 - It's a busy day for the rumormongers today! They're not just spreading rumors about Q16 - they're also talking about Station V3, Z7, and Ebb's Children!
9/5 - On a new host now!
9/1 - The host I'm on seems to be having a few problems today, and one of them may be more likely to affect Silence in the Darkness on Q16 (and Z7 and Ebb's Children) than Station V3. Fortunately everything seems to be up and running at the moment, but if this site does disappear, check Station V3 and see if that's up, and I'll try to get everything up and running as soon as possible.
7/9 - Strip #100 today!
7/7 - Today's strip is neither silent, nor dark, nor on Q16! Maybe that'll get them out of the time loop. In the meantime, there's a new forum up for Q16 (which it's sharing with Ebb's Children)!
4/17 - Silence in the Darkness on Q16 has been updating every day... It caught up with Ebb's Children yesterday. It would have passed it today, except Ebb's Children also updated! (And so did Z7 and Station V3, of course!)
4/2 - Still dark... Not quite as silent. And Ebb's Children updated today too.
4/1 - Nothing to see here... It's dark!

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